Sinomag Technology Receives the 2022 Bosch Notable Supplier Award

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On November 14, the 2022 Bosch Asia Pacific Supplier Conference was successfully held. With its outstanding contributions to the production and supply of Bosch China's auto parts over the years, Sinomag Technology was named as the "Bosch Notable Supplier" in 2022. Xiong Yongge, president of the company, was invited to attend this meeting and took the stage to receive the award.


As one of the world's top 500 companies, Bosch Group covers the fields of automotive and intelligent transportation technology, industrial technology, and energy and construction technology. In the 12 years of in-depth friendly cooperation with Bosch, Sinomag has deeply recognized and insisted on meeting Bosch's lean management system, perfect quality operation system, clear reporting process and other comprehensive management requirements. After years of unremitting efforts, Sinomag Technology has made remarkable achievements in product technology, quality, cost, delivery and service, which provides a strong guarantee for promoting in-depth and multi-dimensional cooperation between the two sides!


Suppliers are cooperative partners for Bosch's development and innovation, and booster for Bosch to maintain its competitiveness. In the post epidemic era, Sinomag will explore a new cooperation mode with Bosch, and continue to respond to and cooperate with Bosch Group's corporate goals of energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development.


Being awarded as a potential supplier in Bosch Asia Pacific region is highly recognized by Bosch Group for Sinomag Technology. Our company will take this opportunity to adhere to the concept of "Asian manufacturing serves the world", keep pace with international first-class customers, continue to innovate and develop, move towards high-end, and create a better future with all partners with better products and services!

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